Commercial Leasing

There are plenty of reasons why companies lease vehicles instead of renting them, and our leasing professionals are experts at putting together and explaining your lease options. We talk the same language as your business, and we understand that leasing must be both cost effective and time efficient; you need to spend your time running your business, not negotiating the fine print of a lease.

Browse our selection of crane trucks, cargo vans, cube vans, service body trucks, crew cab 4X4 pickups, flat decks, even SUVs. If you see it amongst the examples below, we can lease it – but don’t stop if you don’t see what you’re looking for here! Any vehicle in our Canada-wide used vehicle inventory can also be leased, whether it’s a performance coupe, a luxury SUV, a premium sedan or an off-road outfitted pickup.

Lease new, or lease used; if you’re driving on a specific budget, our broad range of Certified Used vehicles are available for highly attractive monthly rates, letting you drive an outstanding car, truck, SUV or van for less than you might expect.

Talk to us about your specific needs; if it involves a vehicle available in Canada, we’ll get it for you. We’re also open to arranging a customer-specific build if we can’t find what you’re looking for using our extensive list of quality, preferred vendors.

Whether it’s a specially-equipped personal vehicle or a rigged-and-ready product to fit your specific business needs, we’re flexible, knowledgeable, responsive and often able to deliver when others can’t.

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