Detailed Fleet Analysis

The foundation of effective fleet management is knowing what you have and where it is. DRIVING FORCE starts with a comprehensive audit of your fleet, capturing detailed information about every vehicle. In many cases, the vehicle doing a specific job within your company may not be the optimal choice, based on operating area, payload requirements, passenger requirements, cab type and other components such as braking system, suspension, wheelbase and body type.

All these factors impact the horsepower you will require - which you then balance with the fuel economy that you expect to maintain. From this, an overall operating cost can be determined including: initial vehicle cost, warranty, reliability, up-time, maintenance costs and projected resale value.

The information our experts gather supports effective decision making, including what to buy, when to buy and how long to keep it. We also determine who is in charge of your vehicles and the value/cost ratio. If yours is a growing company, we enable you to implement a solution that suits your business right now, and grows along with you in the future.

Driver Behaviour

Managing your hard assets is only part of the story. A major factor in your fleet’s efficiency rests in the hands of your drivers. Their habits and attitudes translate into real dollars, not just in terms of wear and tear on the equipment, but also in terms of financial risk due to collisions and insurance costs. We help customers develop a safety program based on a trifecta of elements: Policy, Telematics and Training. With well-defined driver policies, detailed and relevant training, and the support offered by telematics, companies and employees can real significant benefits.